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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  September 25, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> i'm not complaining either. i love it. >> 80 degrees. we'll take it. for all of us here, i'm jacqueline london. on our broadcast tonight, dangerous talk. the leader of iraq visiting new york makes startling claims about an isis plot to attack the u.s. and europe and triggers quite a scramble as tonight we get a firsthand look at the results of the u.s. air strikes. inside the manhunt for a suspected cop killer and sniper. tonight, our exclusive look as we go along with the search house-to-house and into the woods. dream jobs, how these women took the leap out of the rat race and into the profitable life doing what they love. and the captain, tonight our exclusive conversation, the farewell interview with derek jeter on the night of his last game at yankees stadium. and you don't have to be a yankee fan to appreciate a guy who has played it right. "nightly news" begins now.
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from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. the new prime minister of iraq on the job only six weeks learned the hard way today that words have consequences. he made a comment to reporters here in new york today that caused a flurry of activity in american cities and across the atlantic to europe. he said he'd been told of a plot by isis to attack subways here in the u.s. and in paris. he was quoting his own iraqi intelligence. and because this comes during u.s. air strikes in syria and iraq and a heightened alert status already, u.s. officials were forced to immediately scramble into action. and they ended up spending much of this day assuring american citizens they were in fact safe. it's where we begin tonight with nbc's kate snow. >> reporter: enhanced security today at new york city subway stations after the iraqi prime minister said his country
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uncovered a plot involving isis fighters in on america and france. virtually every u.s. major law enforcement and intelligence agency from the fbi to the cia came out quickly and emphatically saying they had no evidence of any such plot against the u.s. >> from the u.s. intelligence community's perspective there simply is nothing in the near term from this threat that is truly credible. >> reporter: in new york city, chicago and washington, d.c. officials scrambled to issue statements assuring americans their cities are safe. the governor of new york traveled to manhattan to make a show of riding mass transit. >> we believe that our state of preparedness is higher than it has ever been since 9/11. >> reporter: we joined new york city's mayor and police commissioner on the number 6 train. mr. mayor, there are no security che checkpoints, how can you assure the public? >> you may be asked to open your
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bag. you may find there are some spot checkpoints set up. but until we have something we believe is credible, we're not going to use all the measures we might use if we were to have a credible threat. >> reporter: fbi director james comey said today the terror threat to the u.s. is about the same today as it was last week. but he also said isis is still a worry. we believe they are looking to try to do something in the u.s. he told reporters, which is what has many americans on edge. some analysts have pointed out that perhaps iraq would have incentive to talk and spread word about terrorist threats because if the american public is more concerned, the theory goes, then perhaps they'll be more supportive of u.s. military action taking place against isis. >> kate snow at a subway stop in manhattan, thanks. meantime this u.s.-led coalition pounded away again today at a fresh set of isis targets in both iraq and syria with a new promise of more air power on the way from the british. our team is on the ground tonight on both fronts. richard engel on the syrian
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border and bill neely in northern iraq. first to richard to start us off. >> reporter: an alleged isis oil refinery destroyed by an american air strike. one of at least 41 bombings against isis in syria in 24 hours. but isis isn't stopping. a website backing the group released video claiming to show isis fighters firing heavy weapons at the syrian town of kobani. it's home to 400,000 kurds. if it falls, there'll be a humanitarian disaster. these refugees are determined not to let that happen. they fled into turkey, but now they're lining up to go back. these men have decided that now is the time to fight isis while the u.s. is carrying out air strikes. they want to be the boots on the ground. and many of them don't expect to survive. >> reporter: i'll fight the terrorists with a knife with my
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hand, says this man. turkey had to bring in riot police to keep order. >> they are going to die. but i hope this makes change for my city. for my city. >> reporter: the u.s. has been looking for ground partners in this war. these men encouraged by u.s. action are taking action to defend their own country. richard engel, nbc news on the turkey/syria border. >> reporter: this is bill neely in irbil northern iraq with kurdish troops who have isis on the run. they've retaken held tops held by isis, destroyed their vehicles, cleared them from villages all with the help of u.s. air strikes. this one on an isis position in the last 24 hours. on the front line they show me the isis target they'll attack next. the fighters here say the american air strikes have been vital. and they want more. before the u.s. offensive isis seemed unstoppable. not anymore.
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isis leave dozens of ieds as they retreat. the kurds are weary, battle hardened but in need of heavy weapons. then they say they can drive out isis faster and for good. bill neely, nbc news, irbil, northern iraq. the identity of a masked executioner in the isis propaganda videos has remained a mystery for weeks. tonight, however, fbi thinks they know who the man is. for now they're not releasing a name or any information about his location. he's believed to have beheaded two american journalists and a british aide worker. eric holder, the first and only african-american to serve as u.s. attorney general announced today that after six years on the job he's stepping down. president obama has yet to name a nominee to replace him. republicans who have waited for this day for a long time are applauding his exit, but in emotional remarks today holder says he walks away having fulfilled a lifelong ambition. >> i have loved the department of justice ever since as a young
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boy. i watch robert kennedy prove during a civil rights movement how the department can and must always be a force for that which is right. >> holder says he's going to remain in office until his replacement is confirmed. we should let you know our justice correspondent pete williams will have an exclusive conversation with the outgoing attorney general on this broadcast tomorrow evening. elsewhere in the u.s. tonight, a desperate search by the fbi and police goes on tonight for a missing college student after a suspect in her disappearance was arrested in galveston, texas, far from where he and she were last seen near the uva campus in charlottesville, virginia, 12 days ago. the latest tonight from nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> you have the right to remain silent. >> reporter: after a nationwide manhunt, today the man suspected of abducting missing university of virginia sophomore hannah graham appeared in court for the first time. >> we are assisting him in every
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way possible to locate that young lady. >> reporter: on surveillance video 32-year-old jesse matthews seen with graham two nights ago, leaving her parents in agony. >> our little girl, she's our only daughter. >> reporter: matthew was arrested wednesday some 1,300 miles away on a beach in texas. >> he was real soft spoken. didn't say a whole lot. >> reporter: still, someone recognized him. and when a deputy ran the license plate on the car he was driving, he was taken into custody. he has not entered a plea. he'll soop #soon return to virginia. and today police arrived to question him. in chafrltsville the arrest brought some relief. >> i'm really glad that he's been found. i think that's kind of a relief for all of us. >> reporter: but tonight the search has expanded to the vast virginia countryside and still no sign of hannah graham. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, galveston, texas. now to the north, northeast pennsylvania, the man accused of killing a state trooper in an ambush nearly two weeks ago now remains on the run tonight but
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leaving behind evidence as he is playing a kind of life-and-death game of hide-and-seek with police. tonight, nbc's ron allen takes us inside this search. >> reporter: the front line of the dangerous relentless manhunt, a tactical atf squad tracking suspected cop killer eric frein, countless possible hideouts. the garage of an empty summer home was not locked, but no sign of frein inside. >> everybody's kind of walking on eggshells. >> i just don't want anybody else to die. >> reporter: out here you can see the brush is waist deep. you can only go so far very slowly and very carefully. remember, there's an armed gunman out there they're trying to find. the dragnet still targeting a three to five-square-mile zone near frein's home. these nbc news exclusive pictures show investigators at the home. relatives there have refused our request to talk. have you had contact with him?
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are you sure you know where he is? >> we're finding items that lead us to believe he is living in and around that area. >> reporter: that fresh evidence, this cigarette pack, a unique brand police say frein favors. and soiled adult diapers, perhaps used by frein to stay hidden in one position for an extended period of time. also, several possible sightings. signs he's playing cat-and-mouse in the extremely rugged terrain. a source says spider holes are a big concern. shoulder deep used for hiding or firing, camouflaged on top. an expanding operation up to 1,000 officers now hot on the trail of a suspected killer who allegedly took the life of one of their own. ron allen, nbc news, barrett township, pennsylvania. the chief of police in ferguson, missouri, apologized today to the family of the young man whose killing by a police officer caused weeks of angry protests in that city. in a recorded video thomas jackson told the parents of michael brown he was "truly sorry for the loss of their
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son." and sorry it took so many hours to remove his body from the crime scene. he said the investigating officers meant no disrespect. a lawyer for the brown family said the apology comes at a time when trust and confidence in the chief has reached what he called an irreversible low. still ahead for us tonight, farewell to the captain. our exclusive interview with derek jeter, as his home crowd and for that matter all of baseball says good-bye to the future hall-of-famer. and later, take this job and love it. it's not hard if you're a softy for a face like these. goodnight. goodnight. for those kept awake by pain the night is anything but good. introducing new aleve pm. the first one with a sleep aid. plus the 12 hour strength of aleve for pain relief that can last until the am. now you can have a good night and a... good morning! new aleve pm. for a better am.
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shortstop, number 2, derek jeter. number 2. >> tonight, not far from here there will be an emotional gathering in the bronx provided the weather cooperates. this will be the last home game for one of the greatest players in the game, one of the greatest of all-time, the captain of the yankees, number 2 as you heard, derek jeter. baseball fans in their 20s have never known another yankee shortstop in their lifetime. yankee fans in their 80s can say they saw dimaggio, garrett, mantel and now jeter. >> everything that comes along with it wasn't part of the dream. it's all icing on the cake. >> reporter: if the old place was the house that ruth built,
6:45 pm
then this yankee stadium is most certainly the one that jeter built. and on a crisp autumn day as much as he'd prefer to be heading for the playoffs, derek jeter instead is giving thanks as he heads for the exit. >> i'm very appreciative of how the fans have treated me, how the people of new york and especially this season even going to opposing ballparks, the whole situation has been surreal to me. >> reporter: standing ovations at all the visiting ballparks for the man the commissioner says has honored the game simply by playing it. it's hard to be a saint in this city. but over the past two decades if you don't count the sports pages, derek jeter has largely stayed out of the papers in stark contrast to the ugliness unraveling in the nfl. a rare kid-friendly, parent-friendly athlete who has learned how to be a leader. >> i learned something from watching mr. torre for all these years. you hear the phrase you treat everyone the same.
6:46 pm
that's not correct. you treat everyone fairly. you try to be the same every day. you don't come and hold your head up high when things are going well and when things are going bad find a way to hide. leadership i don't think is something pointed. i think it's something that's earned. >> you've had so much success yet you always call this a game of failure. why is that? >> you fail seven out of ten times, people think you're great. definitely a game you have to learn to control your emotions. i'm still trying to do that. >> hit toward the hole. jeter backhands from the outfield grass. >> reporter: on the field he has given his all. we have seen him flip and dive and go down, but we've only been able to see what's on the field because that's the way he has wanted it. >> i have always drawn the line between what i do as a career and my private life. i think once you open that door and you share everything with everyone, there's no closing it. you have to keep some things special. for me my private life is what i like to keep special. >> here's the kid derek jeter for his first major league hit.
6:47 pm
a base hit into left. >> reporter: his fans know his reel by heart and know his stats, the numbers he's racked up that will allow him to walk into the hall of fame, all-time yankee hit leader, five world series rings, 14 all-star games and now he gets to write the rest of the story. >> first and foremost i want to rest. i don't want to have a schedule. i've been doing this professionally for 23 years. i've been playing baseball since i've been 4 or 5. i really haven't had much time off. i'm not complaining, but i'm looking forward to having some time off. >> reporter: i've been asked by many people to ask if your future will ever include a mrs. jeter? >> yeah, of course. i look forward to having a family. i just don't think personally i would have been able to juggle family and my career at the same time. you know, i put a lot of work, time and effort into my career. i have the utmost respect for these guys who are able to do it. you know, missing their kids'
6:48 pm
birthdays and not being able to see them play teeball or summer ball, missing a lot of time. i don't think i would have been able to juggle that. it's another reason why i feel as though now's the time. i mean, i want to have a family. who knows when it's going to be, but i look forward to it. >> and after tonight's game in the bronx, the yankees head to of all places boston, the other city in one of the great rivalries in all of sports. and with that in mind, we have a bit more to show you tomorrow night. the breaking news here is we have detected signs that derek jeter has soften toward boston, the people and the players. we will air the evidence here tomorrow night. first, a break for us tonight. we're back in a moment with something new on the web that's helping to raise money to battle cancer made by hoda kotb, two amazing singers and a whole lot of special helpers.
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three new york city firefighters died on the same day this week, all three within hours of each other but none of them died as a result of a fire. all three were delayed casualties of 9/11. retired lieutenant howard biscoff. all three men had worked on the pile at ground zero searching for survivors and remains. all three died of illnesses as a result. 343 new york city firefighters died on 9/11 after going into danger. now 92 more have died from the dangers that were unleashed in the environment. the city says 850 first responders are currently being treated for world trade center related cancers. as soon as this video hit the air on "today" show this morning, tens of thousands of dollars in donation money came rolling into the american cancer society. hoda kotb who in her own life found music to be some of the
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and what's possible when you get things organized. ing u.s. is now voya. changing the way you think of retirement. finally here tonight, we begin a new series we're calling "own your future," it's about reinvention, finding out that a second act is indeed possible in life. especially if it means pursuing something you love. tonight, nbc's ann thompson kicks us off with two stories of
6:57 pm
women who have done just that. >> reporter: linda's career has gone to the dogs, by design. >> i wasn't ready to completely retire. but yet i needed the change. >> reporter: the general manager of bloomingdale's in virginia, she left to combine her 30 years in retail with what she loved. >> we're going to let you jump. thank you so much. >> reporter: she bought a pet store that today employs six people and turns a profit. >> when people ask me about it, i do get all smiley because it's my store. and i'll say it's my store. >> reporter: monique greenwood figured out her recipe for success 13 years ago, editor and chief of "essence" magazine, she came home to the brooklyn bed and breakfast she ran on the side she was jealous for her guests. >> what they were doing for themselves, i wasn't doing for me. and you cannot give if you have an empty cup. >> reporter: greenwood chose inn
6:58 pm
keeping. >> these hands are making breakfast. these hands may be making beds. these hands are writing bills. >> reporter: today there are more than 9 million women-owned businesses, a number that's tripled in years. >> a longer, financially more responsible life. if you're not in charge of it, it's going to be pretty rough. >> reporter: what's the toughest thing about going out on your own? >> getting over a fear of failure. >> reporter: it hasn't all been success, but today greenwood and her husband own four inns. and thinking about what's next. >> every day when i make a decision there's a little bit of something i learned in the past. look at that. >> reporter: all to secure her future. ann thompson, nbc news, brooklyn. and that is our broadcast for a thursday night. thank you for being here with us. i'm brian williams. of course we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night.
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panic in paris. kim kardashian violently attacked at fashion week. >> the frightening new video now on "extra." kim k. tackled, nearly crushed in the crowd. >> stop it!
7:00 pm
>> the serial star attacker who went after brad, will, and leo is back back at it. >> what is wrong with you? george clooney's i-do d-day. the a-list guest list descends on venice, and so is "extra." >> all the details of the clooney wedding. we are your source for hollywood couples news, where we just spied sofia vergara and her ex-fiance. >> and derek jeter's big apple good-bye. >> he's done with baseball, but is new york's most eligible bachelor ready to settle down? paula deen's road to redemption. >> it was a very intense year. >> her new confessional, taking on the tabloid rumors about her marriage. plus, before a.j. hit venice, he interrogated kerry washington for "scandal" secrets and spoilers. >> who gets killed on the first episode? >> oh, i don't -- what? this is "extra" at universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital o